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Our Yarns

Our Yarns

We sell several types of alpaca yarn, all of which is beautifully soft and warm.

The fleece from our own herd of alpacas is carefully graded after shearing, scoured, carded and handspun and is available in it's natural colours or can be hand-dyed on request. By grading the fleece here on the farm we know that only the best of our fleece is used for spinning and it is traceable back to the individual alpacas that live here.

We also sell some British alpaca yarn which has been spun in mini mills in the UK. This is mainly equivalent to double knitting yarn and is available in natural colours.

In addition, we sell lace weight, 4 ply, double-knitting, and chunky alpaca yarns which are either undyed or hand-dyed. The fibre used to make these yarns is grown by alpacas in Peru, mainly on small family-owned smallholdings, and is hand-dyed here on our farm.

Whatever alpaca yarn you may choose from us, we aim to ensure that any suppliers follow best practise in relation to animal husbandry and the environment. Our own alpacas are lovingly cared for, expertly sheared every summer, and live a happy life here with plenty of open space and shelter when needed. 

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